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Abby Wambach Is Cutting All Ties With Brett Favre-backed Venture That Got M


Abby Wambach Cuts All Ties With Brett Favre-Backed Odyssey Health

The star soccer player is cutting ties with the Brett Favre-backed venture Odyssey Health. The company allegedly used state welfare funds to invest in a prescription drug company, and Wambach was on the sports advisory board for the company. However, Favre has been accused of embezzling the money, and it’s not clear if the money is destined for welfare recipients or the poor.

Abby Wambach divests herself from Brett Favre-backed venture

Abby Wambach, the American soccer star, is cutting ties with a company that is linked to Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre. The company, Odyssey Health, is developing a nasal spray for concussions. Favre is one of its top investors. He is also a board member of the company.

The venture was founded by Favre and Wambach, who publicly aligned themselves with it last year. In addition to being an investor, Wambach joined the company’s Sports Advisory Council. But on Thursday, the Odyssey website took down Wambach’s biography.

Brett Favre owes $228,000 in interest

Abby Wambach has cut ties with a venture backed by Brett Favre, the former NFL quarterback. Wambach had been on the sports advisory board for Odyssey Health, a company that is developing a nasal spray to treat concussions. Favre is a major investor in the company. Other board members include Kurt Warner and Mark Rypien. The company did not respond to NBC News’ requests for comment.

Favre has not been charged with any crime. However, it has been reported that he texted former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant and other individuals to solicit help. The company he backed has since cut ties with the Mississippi Department of Human Services.

Prevacus developed PRV-002 drug

The Company has closed on the acquisition of a drug candidate from Prevacus, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of medical products for the treatment of neurological disorders and traumatic brain injury. The drug candidate is a novel compound that reduces inflammation, swelling, ischemic injury, and oxidative stress. The Company will now proceed with the development of PRV-002.

Prevacus’s PRV-002 drug is still in early development, and the company is working to get FDA approval. Wambach, who was one of the first athletes to publicly align herself with the company, became an investor and served on the company’s Sports Advisory Board. However, her biography was pulled from the Odyssey website Thursday.


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